Lead Lynx

We are on a Mission for Real Estate Success

LeadLynx is a referral network in Florida serving in United States. Our main objective is to assist real estate agents in expanding their businesses by offering them our services. At the conclusion of a successful closing, we charge just a 15% referral fee. We establish a direct connection between Referrals and real estate agents.

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Timely connection with ideal customers.
Audience Building

We use more than 100 platforms like search engines, Social Media & websites to bring people to real estate professionals. We focus on contacting homeowners with expired listings and short sales to increase the chances of earning commissions when a sale is successful.

Live Transfer By ISA

We maintain a dedicated team of experienced ISA agents who meticulously verify each client's details. Once we are confident in the client's quality and interest, we facilitate a live introduction and handoff to you.

Paying Commission At Closing

We only invoice you after the transaction is successfully closed.

Our Workflow
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Provide Awesome Service With Our Tools

Receive personalized consultancy to optimize your business growth.

Competitor Analysis

Gain valuable insights and in-depth analysis details to inform your decision-making process.

Online Support

Dedicated 24/7 online support for immediate assistance and guidance whenever you need it.