Lead Lynx




Maria Parker

Real Estate God’s Way LLC

Orlando, FL

I joined Lead Lynx on 29th of August and In just 13 working days they provided me with 3 leads and out of those 3 I was successfully able to get into a listing agreement with 2 of them. So far I am very satisfied with their services, They provide me with a recorded conversation of the sellers so I can do my homework before reaching out to them. The leads are definitely legitimate, At the end of the day it’s really a realtor’s job to work on the leads and convert them but they have successfully delivered what they promised! I will highly recommend their services, If you’re looking for some good seller leads, Lead Lynx is the Key.




Rock Springs Realty


I have just signed up with Lead Lynx and I’m very excited about utilizing their seller lead referral network. They have a very appealing business model, They establish direct connection with twice verified sellers and real estate agents. The other thing that I find very appealing about their model is that I don’t have to compete with other realtors for the leads I get from them. I’m quite satisfied with how they work and they have been very professional and assigned me an exclusive service area. I’m very excited to get into a couple of closings with them soon enough. If you’re looking to generate some good leads in your desired areas like me you should give them a try.



Alvina Nosikovsky

Premier Elite Realty

Coral GablesFL


I have joined Lead Lynx, and I must say, their professionalism is outstanding. They have been delivering leads in the exact areas I am interested in. What impresses me the most is that they provide recorded conversations of the sellers they refer to me. This allows me to understand the sellers’ needs thoroughly and prepare adequately before contacting them. In my opinion, Lead Lynx stands out as the top referral network, especially for double-verified leads. I am confident that I will soon secure successful transactions through their referrals. If you’re looking for a reliable referral network, I highly recommend giving Lead Lynx a try based on my personal experience.