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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Answers to Commonly Asked Questions

What if you don’t provide me with any prospects?

Sir/Ma'am, These are not just words of my mouth. We make sure to provide our clients with all the services that we offer them after getting them onboard and in worst case scenario after we're done with your profiling, if we are unable provide you with any services within next 60 days, we will refund your money back but we do our best not to have any kind of negative impact from our clients.

How do we get services/How Lead Lynx acquire prospects?

We use about over 100 platforms to generate services for our clients which are divided into search engine optimization like Google, yahoo, website ads, bloggers, Home Sellers we have worked with and social media advertisements like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. We are also reaching out to expired listings, short sales by homeowners, Home Sellers that are looking to upsize, looking to downsize, and getting bulk data from Craig'slist. Then we have a team of ISAs to call these Home sellers and ask them about the qualifying questions (Like how many bedrooms, Bathrooms, asking price for the property, The property is appraised or not, what’s the reason for selling, How soon they are selling) and then the Verifiers team reconfirm all the information to make sure we don’t waste our realtors’ precious time, and the Quality team make sure that everything is good as it’s supposed to be

How soon am I going to get the services?

We already have prospects in your area. After we sign you up, we need some time to make your profile in our system, share your servicing radius with our marketing team, ISAs and Verifiers team and will need to verify your license number as well which takes about 7-14 days at max, but once we are done with this process we would love to start sending you these home sellers right away.

Why should I pay a signup fee?

We were not charging anything initially but then some realtors took our services for granted by not reaching out to the home sellers and not answering our calls, texts and emails. Then we came up with this initial setup fee to make sure if not for the prospects then at least for their money the realtor can get some closings to get the initial setup fee back because with LeadLynx you are not paying any monthly, yearly, per prospect, renewal or any kind of hidden charges, Unless you do closings to make some money for yourself and for us as well.

Can I get test services?

We wish we could provide you with test services but that is not in our power, you can reach out to our satisfied clients and talk to them about our services. After that, if you think it will be beneficial for you by working with us we will love to have you on our network. Otherwise, you are not obligated to anything at all.

How do you provide me these home sellers?

There are two ways we will provide you with these home sellers: We will introduce a home seller to you over a live call if the home seller is looking to sell his/her property within the next 30 days but you are a realtor and you very well know that this rarely happens.
Most of the time, we will schedule a call back for you within the very next 24-48 hours and we will email you all the information about the property and home seller but we make sure that these home sellers are looking to sell their property and they are not working with any other realtor.

What is the volume of the services?

We send about 1 or 2 referrals every month depending upon the package you choose. the conversion rate we are asking for is fairly realistic.

How can I tell whether these services are good quality? How can I be certain that these are not online services?

A comprehensive recorded discussion with each and every customer in which they express their desire to sell their property and their lack of involvement with any other realtor is sent to you as an answer with every prospect that you get from our side.

How many brokers or agents are there in my area?

There is currently no other realtor in your region, which is the sole reason we are contacting you. If demand is overwhelming for just one realtor in that particular radius, we do nevertheless want to add one or two within a 50-mile range. Additionally, because it costs a lot to produce these prospects, we can offer the lead to another realtor in the region if for some reason you are not willing to work on it.

What if I don't close any deals in the next six months?

The average number of listings you receive over the course of 6 months is between 6 and 12 depending on the package your choose. All of these prospects are sellers with whom we have spoken on many occasions, and we will be giving you access to the complete recorded discussion in which they express their desire to sell and their lack of involvement with any other realtor. Only two of them are intended to be closed in the six months. I thereby think that you will agree with me that the conversion rate we ask is very reasonable.