Lead Lynx

Terms & Conditions

Lead Lynx’s:

  • Lead Lynx will double-verify the leads before sending them to the realtors, including all prospect information and a recorded conversation with the prospect.
  • Lead Lynx pledges to provide leads within the Realtor’s servicing radius as soon as the leads are verified and ready for delivery.
  • Lead Lynx will generate leads using their production methods with full attention and devotion. However, we cannot promise a specific amount of prospects due to market fluctuations.
  • There’s a one-time setup fee to sign up with Lead Lynx, which includes all applicable taxes and can only be refunded on successful closings by agents.
  • If you’re already in contact with a lead that Lead Lynx subsequently refers to you, Lead Lynx shall not charge you a commission for that lead (but may forward the lead to someone else).
  • Lead Lynx will charge the 15% referral fee immediately after the realtor receives their commission.
  • Lead Lynx will charge a 15% referral fee from the gross commission on either the seller side or buyer side (depending on which was referred to the realtor).
  • Lead Lynx will charge a 15% commission from both transactions if a prospect is selling and buying properties at the same time.
  • Lead Lynx will require you to sign the agreement before providing you with referrals. The coverage period will start as soon as you provide us with the signed referral agreement.
  • Lead Lynx will send leads to agents regardless of the price point, as generating these leads incurs costs, and they do not want to waste them.
  • Lead Lynx will not refund the amount after 1 month of signing up if the realtor has not replied/signed or informed Lead Lynx about the reason before 1 month.


  • The Realtor will pay a one-time setup fee to join Lead Lynx, which will be used in the process of lead generation in their service area.
  • The Realtor shall work on all prospects referred to them by Lead Lynx.
  • Realtor information will be kept confidential and secure with Lead Lynx.
  • The Realtor can terminate the services of Lead Lynx at any desired time but will have to work on the leads referred to them by Lead Lynx.
  • If the Realtor is changing brokerages, they need to inform Lead Lynx beforehand.
  • The Realtor is obligated to pay Lead Lynx a 15% commission from the gross commission, not the net commission.
  • The Realtor shall not engage in any kind of illegal transactions with the prospects.
  • The Realtor understands that Lead Lynx can terminate the services with or without any notice in case any fraudulent activity is discovered on the Realtor’s end.
  • Realtor understands that Lead Lynx has the authority to modify the existing policies or terms and conditions. When such changes occur, the Realtor’s responsibilities may be adjusted accordingly, and the Realtor is obligated to adhere to these updated terms without having to give explicit approval each time changes are made. It’s essential for the Realtor to stay informed about any potential updates to the policies and terms and comply with them as they arise.